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Inside Slovenia /  A+ | a-
Duration: Approx.  8 hours

English speaking driver will take you with a luxury comfortable, air- conditioned passenger van MERCEDES for up to 8 persons or privat limousine Mercedes E class Elegance to the small capital city with a big soul.

Love emanates even from the city's name, which sounds very similar to the Slovenian word 'ljubljena', meaning 'the beloved', and many people believe that this is not just a coincidence.

Ljubljana is definitely a place where romance is in the air. The city owes its romantic character to its historical appearance on the one hand and its youthful energy on the other. Life moves at a relaxed pace and people still take time to sit around in open-air cafés and admire the city's jaw-dropping views.

The picturesque setting for your romantic getaway is enhanced by an ancient hilltop castle towering over the city, the dragons that stand as a symbol of Ljubljana, and the remarkable stories behind the city's historical streets.

Ljubljana is probably one of the few cities in the world whose central town square is adorned with a statue of a poet rather than some political or military hero. The poet, France Prešeren (1800–1849), who wrote mostly in Slovenian and is best known for his sonnets, was one of Europe's great Romantic poets.

Ljubljana lies in the heart of Slovenia, a scenic country with a romantic feel boasting unspoilt countryside, beautiful mountains offering magical views, historical towns and castles, excellent food, and a number of world famous tourist gems such as Lake Bled

Whether they’re staying in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana or skiing in the Julian Alps, few tourists come to Slovenia and leave without visiting Lake Bled. This impossibly beautiful place is one of the jewels of Slovenia and few visitors are not charmed by its dazzling blue waters from emerald lake and breathtaking view over the Alps,  its tiny tear drop shaped island and the  castle that overlooks the lake from its position on the craggy outcrop above. Get on board on traditional wooden Pletna boat and take a sail towards Island in the middle of the lake.

This is our usual proposal. If you want a signature tailor-made trip, we will prepare it just for you. Feel your unique travel experience designed by local pleasure experts.  Please feel free to approach us with any special ideas and interests that you desire and we’re sure we can handle it to your satisfaction.

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If you want a signature tailor-made trip to Slovenia, we will prepare it just for you.
Feel your unique travel experience designed by local pleasure experts.